A1000 Cycle Lanes Businesses Survey

As your Member of Parliament, it is very important that I hear the views of local residents and businesses on local issues that affect them.

I would be very keen to hear your views on the segregated cycle lane on the A1000. From conversations and correspondence with constituents, there appears to be a wide array of views on this matter, both positive and negative. I would appreciate it if you could fill out my survey on the issue, so that I can build a picture of local businessowner’s views on the scheme and the impact it is having on your trading.

A1000 Cycle Lanes - Businesses

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As a local business, do you support the segregated cycle lanes installed on the A1000?
Do you think alternative versions of the cycle lanes should be considered over the current design that would help your business?
Which of the following have you noticed since the segregated cycle lane was installed?