A1000 Cycle Lane Survey - Residents

I have had many residents get in touch with me in recent months regarding the new segregated cycle lanes on the A1000, and the impact they are having on the local area. I am aware there is a wide array on views on this matter, both positive and negative.

I am keen to hear the views of local residents and businesses, so that I can build a picture of the local community's views on these cycle lanes.

If you are a resident, you can fill out the survey below. If you are answer on behalf of a local business, please click here to fill out the survey for businesses: A1000 Cycle Lanes Businesses Survey | Mike Freer

A1000 Cycle Lanes - Local Residents

  • Current A1000 Segregated Cycle Lanes
  • Your details
Do you support the segregated cycle lanes installed on the A1000?
Do you or anyone in your household use a bike and take advantage of the new lanes?
Do you think alternative versions of the cycle lanes should be considered over the current design?
Which of the following have you noticed since the segregated cycle lane was installed?