£420k of extra money to fix Barnet’s potholes

Barnet is to receive £420,000 of additional funding from £200m being made available by the Coalition Government.  This amount is one of the highest in London, reflecting Barnet’s size and number of roads.  The Department of Communities and Local Government has been able to give this additional funding for 2011/12 through additional efficiencies already made.

Mike Freer MP said, “We had another hard winter last year and it has taken a toll on local roads.  As we all know finances are tight but because the Government has already taken tough spending decisions it is able to free up money quickly.

Barnet Council should be able to use these funds immediately and will be transparently showing exactly where it is being spent.”

Barnet has agreed to publish details on its website of exactly how and where the money is being spent by September.  The capital as a whole will be receiving £10.2m, which the Government will begin distributing from Monday.