Brighter and safer streets will help keep residents safe across Barnet

The issue of crime and ensuring that everyone is safe on our local streets has always been one of my top priorities. This is why I regularly meet with the Borough Commander to discuss local issues and priorities, and why I am fighting to ensure that Barnet gets its fair share of police officers from the Mayor of London. 

I am pleased that Barnet Council are replacing all our streetlamps right across Finchley and Golders Green with the latest LED lamps. The work of replacing them is currently underway. I have been informed that all streetlamps will be replaced right across the borough by November. 

This means that we will have brighter and safer streets helping keep residents safe. 

The new LED units will initially start at their full light output. They will then be commissioned on to the central management system (CMS) and after a successful connection will then be set to their designed output levels by the CMS.

This process could take up to 72hrs, although in practice this is normally around 48hrs, during which time there may be some over-illumination.

If you experience problems after this time, you can contact the service provider on their freephone number, 0800 032 6788, explaining your concerns. The service provider will then investigate the matter.