Electric Vehicle Charging Points in Barnet

I am pleased that Barnet Council has rolled out its lamppost electric vehicle charging points, meaning that the charging of electric vehicles is accessible to everyone.

Out and About

It is often said that while parliament is not sitting MPs are ‘off’. This is certainly not the case for myself and many of my colleagues, as there is still much to be done around the constituency.

Road Safety Event

This is a fantastic free event from the London Fire Brigade, aimed at giving older drivers practical and informative help to stay on the road safely.


Ravenscroft Protest

From the start I have objected to the ludicrous proposal to move this busy and popular GP practice into Finchley Memorial Hospital. I have campaigned against it, and met with the Barnet CCG and spoken to Ministers in the Department of Health regarding these proposals. 

School Funding Boost

It has been announced that the Government is boosting funding for schools with a record £14 billion, increasing funding across the country so that every child can receive a world class education. 

Brexit Statement - 03/09/19

I campaigned and voted to remain in the European Union, but I have respected the referendum result and voted for the deal every time it has been brought to Parliament.

Ravenscroft Medical Centre

As many constituents will know, I have previously fully rejected proposals to relocate Ravenscroft Medical Centre in Golders Green to Finchley Memorial Hospital. I have been working to prevent the relocation from happening.