Employment hits record high

This week it has been announced that the employment rate is at a record high – and more people are in work than ever before – while unemployment is at its lowest since 1974. This is good news for families, who are also benefiting from another month of rising wages.

This Conservative Government is committed to helping people so that they can get-on in life. This means helping people to progress, ensuring they can climb up the career ladder and reach their full potential. The Chancellor has already announced the largest ever cash boost to the National Living Wage, which will rise to £8.72 in April - providing a well-deserved pay rise to 3 million people. And we want to go further, with an ambition to end low pay altogether.

These latest jobs figures are another sign that the Government is providing opportunities for people across the country. With a record high number of people in work, more families can plan for their future with confidence. We will now focus on unleashing Britain's potential to deliver for families across the country. That's why we are committed to cutting taxes, increasing the National Living Wage and we will continue to lead the way and set high standards on workers' rights. 

We will work tirelessly to deliver the change people voted for and repay the trust placed in us, by levelling up opportunity across the whole country and ushering in a decade of renewal.