Health MOT: The Results are In

Results from the Summer School Health MOT have been compiled by William & Associates and show it was a great success.

Every year Mike Freer MP holds a Summer School for students interested in gaining an insight into what it takes to be a Member of Parliament, and what the role involves.

Twenty-one students participating in the week’s busy schedule were taken round Parliament and the constituency to learn about Mr Freer’s role as an MP.

During their time in the constituency, students would be tasked with designing a leaflet to advertise the Health MOT being facilitated by William & Associates who specialise in healthcare training and education.

The purpose of the event was to hold a health workshop for students to engage them in the topic of healthy eating, a current issue in the media given the rising cases of obesity.

Students were taught basic first aid skills and were later tasked with supporting members of the local community interested in having a free health check at a pop up shop run by a medical professional and support workers.

Participants were offered a health MOT for weight, height, BMI and blood pressure.  Of all those that took part the gender split was 45% male and 55% female. The health professionals on duty made a number of referrals based on the consultation sheets completed by the nurse present which made the check-up worthwhile.

Views from the Summer School students was very positive with one commenting that, “It helped me understand the basics of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of regular preventative health checks”.

Overall the event gave students and the general public an opportunity to reflect on the benefits of regular health checks and why simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference to your individual health.

Mr Freer commented, “It’s excellent to see the Health MOT has once again proven a real success. We are all guilty of not taking our health seriously enough at times, but it can be so simple to get a quick check-up.”

Talking about Williams and Associates he said, “To have these pop-up MOT clinics is a brilliant way of engaging with local communities and with people who may not have otherwise gone to their local doctor for a health check-up. I’m grateful to them for taking part in this exercise again this summer.”