Mike Freer MP asks for Jewish opinion to be considered on Daylight Saving

Mike has met with Rebecca Harris, the Member of Parliament who is introducing the Daylight Savings Bill, to discuss the concerns of the Jewish community.

Speaking from Westminster, Mike Freer said, “Any time change would have an impact on those who attend synagogue before work, as well as the obvious ramifications for the beginning and end of the Sabbath if during the summer dusk doesn’t come until after 10pm.

Rebecca was receptive, and one of the options for the Government is to simply make no change during the winter, which would have less of an effect on the Jewish community.”

The Daylight Saving Bill is due to be fully debated in the House of Commons on 3 December.  If passed into law it would require all Government departments to assess the impact of aligning the country’s clocks with much of continental Europe, and if a positive conclusion is reached to run a three-year trial.