Ministers to examine security funding for independent Jewish schools

The Ministerial review was announced in a letter following a meeting with Rabbis from Finchley and Golders Green, facilitated by Mike Freer.

Schools are responsible for funding general security measures such as fencing, gates and CCTV out of their main school budget.  However, the Government recognised that Jewish schools face a unique threat.  Speaking in December, Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education said, “Children and staff at these schools should feel safe at school and able to learn in an environment free from any anti-Semitic or racist threats.”

Speaking from Westminster Mike Freer MP said, “This Government has been working very closely with the CST to provide the additional security that, sadly, is necessary to keep the pupils in Jewish schools safe.

That help is enormously welcome but children are still vulnerable in independent schools despite parents paying considerable amounts for security.  We all understand that budgets are tight but anything Ministers can do will make a real difference.”

An announcement by the Department of Education will be made once Mr Gibb has discussed the matter with the Secretary of State for Education.