Ravenscroft Medical Centre

As many constituents will know, I have previously fully rejected proposals to relocate Ravenscroft Medical Centre in Golders Green to Finchley Memorial Hospital. I have been working to prevent the relocation from happening. Over the last few months, I have met with Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group to discuss the issue directly and spoken to Ministers in the Department for Health about the matter.

Following the consultation, we are still awaiting a report into the proposals, which is expected to be released imminently. I continue to oppose the move. If it is approved, then I would expect Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group to work with me and the community to seek new GPs to move into the vacated surgery. This could be either new GPs, or local GPs wishing to move into bigger premises and take on additional GPs to expand their service. We need to work together to ensure that those patients who do not wish to move practices, or indeed are unable to travel the further distance to see their doctor, to have provision local to them.