Refugees Do Make a Positive Contribution to Barnet

Mike visited the Barnet Refugee Service in Colindale to hear the stories of people who have fled war and persecution to find solace in Barnet. The valuable service operates out of its Colindale office but is open to everyone in the borough and works regularly with Finchley & Golders Green residents.

The organisation agreed to work with Mike to raise the profile of the positive contribution made to the area by often highly skilled and hard working refugees who have fled their home country because of persecution. Mike reminded those present that the UK has a long record of helping victims of state violence and persecution and should always seek to help those who need it most.

Speaking after his meeting in Colindale Mike Freer MP said, “So many people in my constituency are refugees or direct descendants of refugees that this is a really pertinent issue in Barnet. Refugees are often given a hard time in the media, so it’s important we highlight the positive contribution many new arrivals make.”