To offer constituents the most flexible access to their Member of Parliament, I hold a variety of surgeries both weekly and monthly.

Surgeries by appointment

These take place at my constituency office, 212 Ballards Lane, most Fridays between 2pm and 4pm. These are by appointment only.

Additional surgery appointments are also available with my Casework team at other times throughout the week.

Mobile Surgeries

Weather permitting, I use an old mobile home to make myself available for informal advice meetings in the five town centres in the constituency. I also take my 'mobile advice surgery' out and about into residential areas to make myself available to local residents in that smaller area.

Supermarket Surgeries

If you’re out shopping, you may see me at the front of the store ready to respond to questions you may have about national and local issues. It’s often a good opportunity for residents who don’t find the time to sit down and write to me to take the opportunity to bend my ear!

Unfortunately, my presence at your local supermarket will depend on whether the management team agree to me holding a surgery at their store.

Library Surgeries

I usually hold these every two months at Child’s Hill Library, and it is not necessary to make an appointment.

If I am unable to attend in person to any of my planned surgery times, either for personal reasons or owing to Parliamentary business, I will try where appropriate to send members of my team.