Weekly Roundup 02/09/2013 – 08/09/2013

This is my first Weekly Roundup since the return of Parliament from recess. I’ve had a busy summer period in the Borough spent meeting a record number of constituents and dealing with local issues.


As readers will no doubt be aware, Parliament returned for a day on the 29th of August for the debate on Syria. This was a very lengthy debate with MPs expressing a wide range of opinions. I voted for the Motion before Parliament to denounce the use of chemical weapons, to exhaust the diplomatic channels, to try and secure the support of the UN Security Council and to await the report of the UN Inspectors with continued humanitarian efforts. Furthermore, no intervention would have taken place without a further debate and a further vote. I was disappointed that the vote was lost but the Government’s actions now have to reflect the will of Parliament.


On the 2nd, normal business resumed in Westminster. The first week back is understandably busy and I had a number of engagements. I met with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to discuss HPV vaccinations for girls and cervical cancer screening for women. HPV vaccines in particular are something I have been campaigning on recently as I think there are a number of issues that need addressing. On Tuesday I also had an interesting meeting with the Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening. I am a strong supporter of our aid efforts abroad and was pleased to hear information on the UK’s humanitarian efforts in Syria. Any constituents wanting information on this should get in touch.


Wednesday’s Department for Work and Pensions Committee, of which I am a member, discussed how JobCentre can help people back into work in the context of the Government’s reforms. I also spoke in the Commons the following day during questions to the Secretary of State, Ian Duncan Smith, on the subject of the reforms.


The week ended at my constituency office. Unfortunately, due to the rain, I had to cancel my mobile surgery in North Finchley in the morning. I plan to return soon however. I then headed to the office for a constituency surgery which I regularly hold on a Friday. That afternoon I took a short trip to Finchley Mosque to hold an advice surgery with a number of constituents coming to see me with a wide-range of issues.