Weekly Roundup - 13/5 - 19/5

This is now my third weekly round up. I hope they have been helpful so far in highlighting my work to constituents.

Monday was spent in the Commons catching up on emails and preparing for the busy week ahead. On Tuesday I spoke in the Commons during Treasury Questions. I asked about the £2,000 Employment Allowance for employers. This will help smaller businesses in particular to hire new staff. I later welcomed constituents to the Commons where we had tea and a tour of the Palace.

When the House is sitting, Wednesdays of course mean Prime Minister’s Questions. Except this week, Nick Clegg stood in for David Cameron at the Dispatch Box as he was in the United States. The discussion was dominated by Europe and the ongoing debate about the referendum. After Prime Minister’s Questions, I attended an All Party Group on financial product mis-selling. This is something I have long campaigned on as during the boom years of the previous Government, banks were allowed to put their interests over that of their customers. The Papers have picked up on my work in this area such as this article in the Telegraph.

Thursday’s meetings included a discussion with the Cypriot High Commissioner. We discussed the situation for businesses in Cyprus, in particular for British businesses with Cypriot bank accounts. As previous readers will know, I have been doing a large amount of work in the interests of constituents and businesses affected by the Cypriot Banking Crisis. Later that day I went to record an interview with Alistair Stewart on ITV. I discussed equal marriage and my speech in the House of Commons.  This will be available online at ITV Player shortly. That evening I met with members of the Hindu Cultural Society at Westminster.

As always, Friday morning was spent in the constituency. My bus surgery was in Temple Fortune between 9:30 and 10:30. Constituents raised some interesting points over the economy and equal marriage.  As with last Friday, I met with the Local Council to discuss a number of issues before returning to my Finchley office to handle casework.