Weekly Roundup 29/06 - 05/07

As part of my role as PPS to the Leader of the Commons, I have numerous meetings on a daily basis to keep abreast of the legislative programme. Additionally, I assist the Leader with the delivery of plans for English Votes for English Laws. This week saw a landmark announcement on this issue which has been very interesting.  

Aside from the numerous meetings that have taken place, I found time to meet with pupils from Childs Hill School who were in Parliament for a tour. I held a Q&A session with the pupils who asked some excellent questions.

Another issue which has featured heavily in my work as of late has been the proposed anti-Semitic demonstration in Golders Green. Numerous constituents rightly raised their concerns about the racist nature of the protest which thankfully has now been barred from the area. On Friday, I was in Golders Green as part of the excellent Golders Green Together initiative, putting up ribbons outside the war memorial. The initiative has been a fantastic vehicle for demonstrating the Community’s strong feelings of togetherness in opposition to the protest.  

Later that day I held surgery at my office as planned. Sadly however, I was unable to hold my mobile surgery in the morning as the bus had a flat battery!