About Mike

Mike was first elected as a Member of Parliament in May 2010 with a majority of 5,809, he was re-elected in 2015 with 50.9% of the vote and a majority of 5,662 and re-elected again in the 2017 General Election with 47% of the vote, and a 1,657 majority. 

Mike has lived in Finchley for over twenty years and previously represented Finchley Church End as a local Councillor. He is a member of Friends of Windsor Open Space, Conservative Friends of Israel, Conservative Muslim Forum, Conservative Friends of Cyprus and is also a Friend of British Asian Conservative link. He is also Patron of the local charity, Resources for Autism.

Mike has worked over many years for inter-faith understanding. He was the Chairman of Barnet's Multi-faith forum, and a member of both the Parliamentary Group Against Anti-Semitism (serving as Vice-President) and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Islamaphobia.