Tickets to attend Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs)

 Many constituents contact me, asking for tickets to attend PMQs on Wednesdays. Unfortunately, due to a very high demand and a limited public gallery size, each MP is issued only two pairs of tickets every year. The fairest way to distribute these tickets is by lottery.

Therefore, if you would like to attend PMQs, please email me with your name, address and contact number and, if you intend to bring a guest, their name and address (please note, both people must be residents of the Finchley and Golder’s Green constituency). I will draw names from a hat twice a year and those chosen will be informed. If you do not hear from me, unfortunately this means your name has not been drawn.

I will start a new round each year, so if you are not successful this year, please email me again in 2019 to be included in the next draw. If you have already requested PMQs tickets, your name will be included in the next draw.

While PMQs is popular and heavily oversubscribed, it is much easier for me to secure tickets for constituents to other ministerial question times, for example Foreign Affairs, Education, Defence, or Environment. If you would like tickets to attend one of these question times, please send me an email letting me know which you would prefer, along with the number of tickets you would like (generally up to 4) and a member of my team will contact you with more details.

You can email me with ticket requests or questions at: