Mayor Khan must get a grip on violent crime

It would be an understatement to say that I am concerned about crime in London – in particular moped and knife crime. The last couple few weeks have seen several high-profile moped crimes in our area, one even targeting popular comedian Michael McIntyre. Murders, too, are on the rise.

Making the case for overseas aid

Like all Members of Parliament, I receive hundreds of emails every week from constituents giving their views or asking questions. These range from the big international issues of the day, to relatively small local matters.

Anti-Semitism must be tackled from the top

It seems the Labour Party can’t go a day without a new accusation of anti-Semitism. I am acutely aware of the concern this is causing, well-illustrated by the recent protest outside Parliament.

A Budget to make Britain fit for the future

Delivering a Budget is one of the hardest jobs in frontline politics. The Chancellor has to plan and bring in measures that will help as many people as possible, all the while balancing this against tax revenue and existing spending commitments – no easy task.