Praise for Fadlallah ‘unacceptable’

Mike Freer MP has written to the Foreign Secretary, the Rt Hon William Hague MP, to express his concern at the blog written by the British Ambassador to the Lebanonpraising Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, but also welcoming the Foreign Secretary's response. The letter reads:

“I was extremely concerned to read the words of the British Ambassador to the Lebanon praising Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah.  Whilst I accept Sheikh Fadlallah was a complex character, for a British diplomat to praise him in such terms is unacceptable. 

Anti-Semitic rhetoric should never be condoned, tacitly or otherwise.  However, I am grateful that the offending blog has been removed from the Foreign Office’s website and that it has been made clear the Government profoundly disagreed with Sheikh Fadlallah’s comments advocating attacks on Israel.”